“Perception lies at the heart of enlightenment. Through the Little Sight, we are afforded a glimpse of the truth that is the lie.”

Collette Bowyer(from The Commentaries)

What is this site?

Strange Circle is the site of horror author and designer Alwyne Ashweth. He lives in London (UK), and spends his time writing dark fiction, playing computer games, hanging around with his friends and generally behaving like a much younger man.

Why ‘Strange Circle’?

Strange Circle is a term coined by the Victorian writer and philosopher Collette Bowyer. Her most famous work, a pamphlet entitled The Tellurian Artifice, is a pseudo-Gnostic explanation piece in the form of nineteen allegorical and literal parables. Bowyer’s Strange Circle has multiple interpretations: It is the Earth itself, a deity-built prison that keeps mankind ignorant and subservient to the promise of spiritual growth and progression. It is the cycle of birth, death and rebirth that keeps the Human spirit trapped in the physical realm in an endlessly repeating downwards spiral.

This is the world that inspires the work of Alwyne Ashweth. It is a dark and forsaken place, where ancient Gods and Goddesses vie for spiritual control, and the semi-enlightened stumble in vain for a glimpse of the truth that will eventually set them free.