Get out of my brain!

The Strange Circle role playing game has been a long time coming. It has sat, festering and gestating in my psyche for probably over 5 years. There has been talk of Kickstarters, print runs of cards and tentative testing but never in a fully formed format.

In the last few months I guess I have started to take it seriously for the first time. I started building the game mechanics into this website, and it has seemed to reinvigorate the project. Plus, the site gives me a chance to reach out to others who might be interested in what I am doing.

So, what am I doing.

Strange Circle is a role playing game with a modern day setting. Its genre could be described as horror, mystery, dark or thriller. Really the aim is to create an RPG system that could be used to play out a wide variety of stories.

The main difference between this and other RPGs is the use of cards. I really wanted to replace the dice rolling combat of other games. With something that was a bit more tactical. I always found that RPG combat was either to simple and too reliant on randomness, or a complex affair that dragged out the game and bordered on the monotonous.

In Strange Circle, each player has a deck (rather than a character sheet) that describes their attributes, skills, equipment and possible actions. Gameplay becomes more like a card based combat game with elements of MMORPG mechanics mixed in.

Oh yeah. The other big thing is that we don’t use dice! Get your playing cards out instead!

You can follow the progress of the game’s development on this site. All rules and cards will be made available under an open license, and I would love comments and ideas from the community. This blog will detail my descent into obsession (!) as well as going into more detail on the various decisions and inspirations that have occurred.

Keep it strange!